Podcast Love: The Rewatchables

Something you may not know about me, I take my podcasts very seriously.  Since I have discovered this amazing medium, I have devoured hours upon hours of content.  My current playlist hosts a plethora of topics; politics, happiness, parenting, movies, love stories, and more.  Hence, I consider myself a podcast connoisseur - if you will...  Thus, here commences a new series, affectionately and perhaps tentatively entitled, "podcast love."

Something else you may not know about me, I love rewatching old movies.  If I like a movie, I'll likely watch it again.  Whether it's the good old days of rewatching on TNT or AMC, or the current times we live in via Amazon Prime or Netflix, I do enjoy watching familiar favorites from the comfort of my cozy couch.
Which is why the concept of The Rewatchables intrigued me, a multi-hosted debriefing of some of my favorite movies?  Yes, please!  

Each episode is about 45 minutes long, and hosted by 2-3 people (hosts change depending on movie type).  There is a familiar format that I appreciate; debriefing other actors and actresses that were up for the part, favorite scenes, notable lines, what parts of the movie have aged the best/worst since it's inception, what would be different if they made this movie today, etc. etc.  

So far, I've listened to the episodes for You've Got Mail, Clueless, The Departed, and Jerry Maguire.  If you consider yourself a rewatcher - I highly recommend you check out their list and check it out!

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