Friday Fun

It's the weekend!!  What a gorgeous week it's been in the Seattle area, crisp blue, cloudless skies, and the vibrant fall colors bursting on the trees, just beginning to carpet the ground.  My favorite time of year!  This weekend we're hosting friends for a little birthday party and friend gathering to celebrate our little guy's 2nd birthday, and other than that, planning to get outside to enjoy a lovely fall weekend!

+ Did you know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech-free?

+ the aftermath of a canceled wedding

+ For Washingtonians, many recyclables are ending up in landfills - here's why

+ more than 800 people have been shot to death since the Las Vegas massacre...

+ if you've had a rough day, or read too many articles like the one above and just need a little laugh, watch this lip sync battle (if you don't have time for the whole clip, start at the 4:00 mark, Paul Rudd is hilarious!)

+ the return of Stranger Things! anyone else watching this weekend?


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