Christmas Favorites

Christmas is in full swing around our house.  We've got the Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas is You" pandora station playing on repeat.  And after two brief - but visibly appeasing - snow days, we've stocked up with plenty of hot cocoa and twinkly lights to keep us warm and cozy through Christmas day.

+ slowly making my way through my favorite Christmas movies, including, Love ActuallyElf, White Christmas, The Holiday, Little Women, and The Family Man. What are your faves?

+ making many a snowflake and mitten from this gingerbread recipe.

+ reading our way through book advent with my kids every night (this and this were my kids' Christmas books for 2016)

+ enjoying apple cider mimosas at brunch with girlfriends (I'd never heard of these before -soo good!)

+ decorating gingerbread houses with my daughter via this kit (on sale!)

+ awaiting our mail carrier's delivery every day for Christmas and holiday cards, we went with these this year 

+ made this delicious tart (yet again) for my mom's group holiday party

What are your Christmas favorites in your neck of the woods?


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