Friday Fun

Cheers to the weekend!  We've had a beautiful crisp, clear kick off to November around these parts.  Loving the blue skies amidst the slight chill in the air.  So beautiful!  We're excited for Disney on Ice tomorrow and family photos on Saturday, shaping up to be a fun family-filled weekend.  Have a good one! 

+ made these pumpkin cinnamon rolls this week (and again tonight for a party tomorrow)...soo good

+ wanting to try these cacio e pepe chips

+ another reason to work on my posture

+ eyeing these jammies for cold winter months

+ love these weekly photos of a mom and her daughters

+ kind of crushing on these hard suitcases (my poor roller bag is on its last legs)

+ this episode of This American Life

+ the insider's guide to Paris in the fall

+ this is on the to-bake-soon docket


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