August Favorites (a few days late)

+ the documentary twinsters (on netflix).  the real life story of two girls who found each other on the internet, and discovered they're identical twins separated at birth.  talk about whoa!

+ harmless harvest coconut water, and surprise, it's (naturally) often pink!  

+ this cross-country family road trip, have you been reading along?

+ about halfway through Padma Lakhsmi's memoir, I've never craved Indian food as much as after reading this!

+ my big fat greek wedding 2 - not quite the original, but if you enjoyed the first one, this will keep you laughing

+ cowboy bark at trader joe's, eager to try out this copycat recipe

+ loving my new (ridiculously soft) tee from this etsy shop

+ pretty much obsessed with chrissy teigen's new-ish cookbook

+ a new (to me) podcast about kids' health

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heather said...

I LOVE Cravings. So many good recipes on the docket...I just need to remember I have them book marked instead of falling back on my stand-bys :)