Cookbook Crush: It's All Easy

Alright peeps, it's official, I'm on the band wagon.  I'm drinking the GP Kool-Aid because this cookbook is AMAZING!  I haven't been sold on GP's other cookbooks despite my enjoyment in reading them; flipping through the glossy pages and perusing the names of eclectic recipes.  While I've enjoyed the idea of them, they've all seemed a bit complicated, far fetched, or obscure for weeknight family dinners, but It's All Easy is a game changer.

In typical cookbook-reading fashion, my copy is already ridiculously bookmarked up with yellow post its, I've made three of said bookmarked dishes, and the verdict: all were easy-ish and most importantly, scrumptious!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  Or in GP's case, mostly vegetarian, organic, farm-to-table, cage-free goodness, etc. etc. etc.  

Tried and true from our kitchen - Moroccan chicken salad wraps even had my husband swooning, pan bagnat, and Indian creamed spinach - all of which have all been superb.  

While I won't go as far to claim this title is entirely accurate, I'm definitely enjoying eating the fruits of my investment. Keep it up GP!


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