July Favorites

Bringing back an oldie but goodie - these are a few of my favorite things in July 2016.  Here goes...

+ essie nail polish in muchi muchi, looks good on fingers and toes 

+ the martain (I know I'm late in the game to this movie, but for someone who doesn't really like space movies, I thought this was soo good)

+ heavy melon ale by new belgium, flavorful and refreshing

+ modern lovers, I'm about 30% through according to my kindle, and so far, so good

+ these sunglasses were my big summer purchase (with prescription lenses)

+ one of my fave DIY bloggers - Young House Love's new podcast

+ hartland brooklyn, my new favorite go to shop for stationary

+ enjoying this healthy dessert, frozen greek yogurt bark

What are you into this month?

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