Friday Fun

Looking forward to a cozy weekend cuddled up with my family - with a stroller walk or two in between.  Our nights might be sleepless here and there, but our hearts are happy.  Have a great weekend!

+ loved this family's creativity - an Inside Out Halloween

+ a 4-ingredient flu season tonic that works

+ Norway's secrets to enjoying a long winter

+ wanting to try this recipe

+ perfect sign for a child's playroom

+ this Thanksgiving appetizer looks delectable!

+ ideas to mix up your wrapping paper game for the holidays

+ homemade focaccia, yes, please!

+ oxford's word of the year emoji?

+ wouldn't mind noshing on this gourmet breakfast


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birdie to be said...

Yum... that focaccia bread! I head about the word of year too. And the emoji of the year was the laughing with crying eyes. The best!