Queue Come Early

It's always this time of year, when life is back in high gear, school is at its busiest, that all of my holds in my library queue and suddenly ready for check out, materializing in the flesh at my local library.  Normally, I wait around for weeks, months at a time for a bestseller hold to grace the shelves in my name, ready for my punctual pick up and prompt read.  

I recently got an email that 5 books I've long been coveting have now arrived at my local library.  As if to say, SURPRISE, we're here, come read us!  Needless to say, that will most likely not be happening.  So instead, I'm making a fall reading list - for those spare moments I have to read something that doesn't pertain to my job.

* MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche
I've started this book, and it's been an enjoyable read so far.  The premise is a married 20-something girl, moves with her husband to Chicago, and her desperate search for a new BFF.  The memoir chronicles her 52 girl dates, fix-ups, and setups in search a local best friend.

* Apron Anxiety by Alyssa Shelasky 
Not too familiar with the plot line, but has gotten rave reviews.  Essentially a memoir of learning to cook, embracing the art of cooking, eating, and food with open arms.

* Becoming Sister Wives by the Browns
I know what you're thinking, and don't judge!  I've seen a few episodes of this show, and was totally baffled at the premise, 1 man, 4 wives, seriously?  I was immediately curious to understand how the inner workings of how this unorthodox relationship worked, and now this book provides the inside scoop!

* The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
I've heard nothing but great things, from bloggers to librarians alike.  'Nuff said!

Okay, now I need to find time to actually READ all of these...

**UPDATE: I did finish MWF Seeking BFF - 4/5 stars, Apron Anxiety - 3/5 stars, The Fault in Our Stars - 4/5 stars, and abandoned Becoming Sister Wives after 2 chapters (don't bother with this one people, trust me!).



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh thanks for the recs! I always look on your Good Reads to see what you have been reading and put them on my queue!

Linda said...

The Fault In Our Stars is so good. I've heard of the others. I love it when all the books in my queue come at once. Enjoy!

Nicole Marie said...

be prepared for fault in our stars.... i cried sooo much. it is heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time.

have you read the art of hearing heartbeats or the language of flowers. both GREAT books.

totally want to read the sister wives ones!

Shoko said...

i'm ashamed of how little i've been reading lately - your fall is inspiring me to start my own!

Jody said...

I LOVED the fault in our stars. Literally was crying my little eyes out on a plane ride reading it!