The Return

It's been 9 long months but the beginning of the end finally arrived. LOST, the final season. Dun Dun DUN!

My friends and I've made a tradition of gathering together to watch. Last night we celebrated chips, guacamole, and other goods pasted with Dharma food labels, played LOST bingo which was pretty hilarious, I highly recommend you try. You'll find yourself rooting for "cry Jack, CRY!" or "Sawyer, take off your shirt," or "John Locke, rub your bald head!!!"

If you're not a LOST fan, there is no way you can possibly understand the obsession. If you are, I'm curious what you thought of last night's premier...Supposedly all our questions will be answered, but it definitely did not feel that way last night, as I walked away with more questions...(sigh). Can't wait for next week!
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