Yoga Novice

Good news, I survived my first power yoga class! My friend Anna and I sweated through our 90 minute class in the heat of a 75-degree studio last night. I felt pretty good last night after the class, challenged, stretched, and this morning I woke up to find my arms were incredibly sore! Turns out this Vinyasa yoga is pretty challenging stuff! Hopefully I'll get some sweet toned arms as a result!



megan and melissa said...

I have always wanted to try yoga...but I have always been afraid to get started. I love a good workout, and it sounds like that is what you got! Thanks for commenting on our sister and I love meeting fellow bloggers.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh, love me some hot yoga! Absolutely the best feeling ever after 90 minutes of survival!

Caroline said...

Keep it up!!! Power Yoga is my favorite and you will love what it does for your arms, legs and stomach and all around mentality!!!!!

Sam said...

Keep going with it. I go 6 days a week now and I swear my body has never been in this sort of shape before. Oh and my mind is happy too!


the southern hostess said...

Good for you! You're motivating me to try it.