Fab Weekend!

I had such a fun weekend celebrating Carrie's bachelorette party in Vegas! It was a crazy, hilarious time, gathering up 20 sorority girls for a spectacular send off from singledom. My pledge class has stayed incredibly close since we graduated in 2005, and it was such fun to be able to dance the night away with all my best girls.

Now I'm home, exhausted, and back to the real world. I'm giving my tired, worn out soles a rest and hanging up my high heels until the wedding in a month, where we'll spent another fabulous time dancing the night away!



caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

yay lucky girl! sounds so fun!

Vivian said...

Vegas has to be the perfect place to celebrate a bachelorette party!!! Fun, fun!!!

the southern hostess said...

Love that picture! Sounds like a great weekend!

Sam said...

What a great picture to capture your exhaustion. Love it!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I also love this picture! I am about to hang my heels up since winter is coming and the Seattle rain ruins all my cute shoes!!!