A Star is Born

Have you seen A Star is Born? I saw it last night with friends and was really impressed! First, Bradley Cooper can sing!? And Lady Gaga can act! Who knew? I appreciated Bradley Cooper’s grizzly voice and Lady Gaga’s unbridled authentic charm. Their chemistry together was electric, and the supporting cast rounded out the movie completely. Since seeing the movie, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat! It’s quite a soundtrack, featuring many songs that weren’t included in the final cut of the movie. My personal favorites were Is That Alright? and I’ll Never Love Again which Ally (Lady Gaga) srings solo in an emotional final scene in the movie.

Truth be told, I only recently became a Bradley Cooper fan. For the longest time, I always thought of him as the jerk, football obsessed intense boyfriend from Wedding Crashers- remember that? However, after seeing Silver Linings Playbook, I became a fan. And I’ve been a longtime fan of Lady Gaga. If you ever have a chance to see her in concert- do it! She is an fantastic entertainer and I’m so happy she took a risk and did this movie. And have a feeling it won’t be her last!

Go see it!

Quote of the Week

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
- Guillaume Apollinaire


Thoughts & Weekend Baking

This weekend we celebrated my grandma’s life. Aunts and uncles and cousins and friends poured in from many places to remember one wonderful, amazing woman and matriarch of our family. In lieu of a church memorial, one of her final requests was simply to have a “big party.” And party we did. There was plenty of wine, a bagpiper, two makeup artists who beautified all the women in attendance, as my grandma was known to be careful and intentional as she “put her face on.” The food was catered by her favorite restaurant, and in addition to a platter of See’s candy (her favorite sweet indulgence), four homemade apple pies baked by two granddaughters (including yours truly), her daughter, and daughter-in-law. Feeling like we wouldn’t have enough desserts, I also added this old fashioned gingerbread cake to the lineup. It was rich and decandent and prettied up with sugar, I’m sure my grandma would’ve loved it. 

Friday Fun

Hello out there! Sorry for the radio silence, had a bit of a snafu with laptop (it died and because it’s “vintage,” circa 2012 (!!) the Genius Bar claims it’s beyond repair...womp womp). Trying to figure out this blogging this on my iPad, but it’s not as user friendly.  Anyhoo...how are you? How was your Thanksgiving?? 

+ I known Thanksgiving has past, but doesn’t this stuffing sound amazing?!?!

+ bookmarking this podcast episode for future listening

+ I made this delightful cinnamon cardamomy bread today (baking as I type)

+ just started reading this much talked about book and I’m hooked 

+ kind of obsessed with this new Christmas album 

+ a heartbreaking article about a club you never want to be in

+ my signature lip color for the season 

+ this gingerbread cake is on my list to bake this season

+ this eggless breakfast casserole is on the docket for this weekend

+ do you celebrate advent? Check out tsh’s advent guide!

Beautycounter in the News

Want to know more about how Beautycounter came to be? There were two exemplary articles (New York Times and The Cut) in the news this week featuring Beautycounter CEO, Gregg Renfrew detailing her journey to ban toxic chemicals in makeup and skincare.  I know I talk a lot about this company, but it’s truly for good reason,  Truthfully, the commission I make isn’t much, but I believe in the mission and the movement. Beautycounter’s dedication to bringing clean skincare and makeup to the masses is why I promote this company! Thank you Gregg Renfrew for paving through way!


Weekend Baking: Pumpkin Tahini Loaf

Pumpkin tahini loaf is my new favorite. So much so that I've already made it twice in one week! Yes, we eat a lot of pumpkin bread.  If tahini sounds like a bizarre ingredient for pumpkin bread, don't overthink it - just try it, you will be amazed! I felt like it added a noticeable extra oomph of flavor which was very satisfying.  

I made a few slight changes to the recipe to made it a tiny bit healthier, such as substituting 1 cup of coconut sugar and only 1/4 cup white sugar, and opting for coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.  I didn't have black sesame seeds on hand, but we made due with a ample helping of white sesame seeds. Overall, delicious!  

A Little Video

Why do I love Beautycounter?  It's not just the discount or the products.  It's the mission, the direction, the dedication to research and efforts invested into bringing safer beauty to the masses.  This is a three minute video by Beautycounter's founder Gregg Renfrew, which speaks to the mission, science, and process which makes this company a Certified B Corporation.  If you have three minutes, I encourage you to watch.