Need a Little Green in My Life

Inspired by Bridget's post, I've decided I need more salad in my life.  Growing up, my dad NEVER ate salad.  He always claimed "I don't like the taste of lettuce," hence his salad plate was always filled with a heaping portion of broccoli, carrots, or some other miscellaneous vegetable while our salad plates were piled high.

My mom on the other hand, makes the BEST salads.  Ridiculously, memorably good.  They're always packed with ingredients; avocados, tomatoes, jicama, pomegranate seeds, nuts - you name it!  So I think after this mixed salad upbringing - I fall somewhere in the middle.  Not nearly as skilled as making delicious salads as my mom, but not quite as into salad, courtesy of my dad.

Come dinner time, I usually reach for the broccoli or asparagus as a salad substitute, but really, I just need to bring salads back.  Give me some ideas, friends.  What salads to you make for meals?  To preface meals?  

What fancy / unique / unusual / ordinary but exciting ingredients do you throw in the mix to spice up your good old greens? 


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