Accent Aficionado

I consider myself an accent enthusiast. I am completely charmed by the simple of act of unique pronunciation, much to the chagrin of my foreign friends. For the first few months of knowing my friend Andy, direct from England - my friends and I tirelessly made him say "please sir, can I have some more," "Oh, Bugger," and "Hello, Governor!" amongst other things. However I think I'm the worst culprit, as the novelty has yet to wear off.

If I ever end up marrying a lad with an accent, I imagine I will be entertained for life, as I'd have daily access to clever pronunciations that would provide me with never-ending amusement and hilarity.

Perhaps this is why I am so intrigued with this much circulated youtube video "21 Accents." I totally wish I had this gift - whenever I try and emulate an accent, I sound like I'm from the wrong continent! This one girl introduces herself in all dialects from Belfast to Moscow, and a few 'round the US. The California accent (did we know there was one?) is funnily enough - spot on! Enjoy!
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