Restaurant #5 - La Casa del Mojito

Restaurant #5 in my new restaurants challenge might be my best find thus far. La Casa del Mojito in North Seattle's hidden gem. I'm baffled that not only had I never been here before, I'd never ever heard of this place! This is THE perfect little place to duck out of Seattle's gray, cold weather and enjoy some savory Latin American fare. The walls inside are painted vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and green, you can feel the warmth radiating throughout this cozy restaurant.

Most of my friends ordered the Parilla Luigi (pictured above); lime marinated steak, tostones, black beans and rice, and an amazing guacamole-like concoction. I ordered a traditional Argentinean dish which while not as aesthetically pleasing was quite delicious! Paired with some slamming mojitos and beers, we had ourselves quite a delicious night!

New Seattle Restaurants Tried in 2011
1. June
5. La Casa del Mojito

Where should I go next?

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