Book Hunting

I need your help. I'm all out of new reads, and I need some suggestions! Here's the scoop: I've already finished my book club book (The Help) and I don't want to fill my reading void with TV. Blame it on my ability to read fast I guess. Once I find a good book, I typically plow through it. My fiance however does not share the same unadulterated enthusiasm for reading. Whenever I tease my fiance about still reading the same book 3 months later, he likes to remind me, most people don't devour books like I do. Point taken.

Truth be told, I've read most of the titles on Barnes and Noble's bestsellers list, along with pretty much everything else that's been recommended to me by friends. If and when I still come up short, I resort to my book finding "trick." Here goes: On, I plug in a title I enjoyed into the search, and when it pops up, I scroll down to the bottom of the page to the "customers who bought this book also recommended," section and I pull new books from there. Here's a handful I've already read, just to name a few...
Anyway, tangents aside - the point of this post is - I need some recommendations! So I ask, what have you got? Anything worth reading, please, send my way!

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