DIY Peeps

I love peeps. Yes, the uber sugary, fluffy marshmallow little chicks, doused in granulated sugar. Normally I'm a chocolate girl all the way! Crunchy sugary marshmallows are not typically a candy I would gravitate toward, but peeps are somehow quintessentially Easter. Or maybe I'm just conjuring up memories of Easter baskets past.

Lately, I've been seeing DIY marshmallows all over the blog scene, and quite honestly, I never really knew you could make your own marshmallows before I was so enlightened. I guess I always assumed marshmallows were one of those processed wonder foods you could only buy prepackaged. But Martha Stewart has a DIY peep or "easter critter," recipe I'm tempted to try. Let's see if I get around to trying these before Easter...

Anyone ever made DIY marshmallows before? Is it easy/difficult?

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