Coffee Hiatus

The season of Lent begins this Wednesday. If you're unfamiliar with Lent, in the Christian tradition, Lent is a period of 40 days preceding Easter. Usually this time is spend investing in sacrifice or almsgiving. For example, many people try and give up something that will help them improve their livelihood; giving up alcohol consumption, avoiding sweets or junk food, or refraining from swearing. Others however use this time to give to others; volunteering, donating books, clothing, or spending more time with loved ones. As a product of the Catholic school system, I always thought of Lent as something mandatory, but I've come to recognize it as a conscious choice to better yourself.

This year, I'm giving up store-bought coffee for Lent. After calculating how much I actually spend on coffee in a month, I was shocked by the amount of money I've invested into soy vanilla lattes! And with my commute over the 520 bridge becoming significantly more costly with the implementation of a new bridge toll ($7 a day roundtrip), I'm hoping my saved money on coffee will help support my commute. My loop hole in my plan is, I'm still allowed to make coffee at home.

If you partake in the season of Lent, what are you planning on doing?
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