What's in a Name?

Let me tell you, it is no easy task to name another person.  Knowing that the name you bestow upon your child will forever be interwoven into their identity for their entire life.  It's a challenge to select a name as a couple, one both you and your partner like equally, meanwhile, taking care to ensure that the chosen name isn't too trendy, too popular, too ordinary, too boring, or too unusual.  All the while knowing that this name will forever be a part of your lives.  It's a big decision, for sure!  My husband and I decided early on that we'd keep our baby's name a secret.  We agreed upon two first names, including our current name, at about 4 months into my pregnancy.  We have since narrowed that down to one name, though we're still torn and debating back and forth about a middle name.

I can't say it's been easy to guard such a large secret.  Our families are very eager to know the name, especially our moms.  My mother in law must've asked us 5 times while we were back in Michigan for a wedding, "Is it a traditional name or a modern name?  How many letter is it?" to which my husband playfully and consistently replied, "Twelve" just to tease.  One of my sisters begged us to disclose just the first letter of her name, "What does it start with? I promise I won't tell!" My friends too have urged me for hints of any kind.  And of course, we've denied all their requests, and kept our lips tightly sealed.  Perhaps I've been scared into secrecy by stories of unsavory and unsolicited comments made to friends of mine who chose to share their potential baby names early on.  It's surprising really, why some people feel it's appropriate to share their personal distaste for a certain name with an expecting couple.  

Why did we decide to keep our baby's name a secret, you ask?  Well, honestly, I've always loved the moment of discovery in finding out that a long-awaited baby has been born; their height, weight, time of birth, and delight in learning his or her name.  Since we already made the decision to learn her gender, and shared that news, we wanted to be able to keep one sweet surprise to ourselves and then once she arrives, be able to enjoy that magical moment of celebrating her birth and sharing her name with our loved ones the minute she's born.  

I can't wait!

P.S. A hilarious clip, Friends' Ross & Rachel picking baby names!

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