Saying Goodbye

It breaks my heart to tell you that conditions did not improve, and we sent our sweet, beautiful cat and friend Jenga up to heaven today.  This was something we thought might happen, but the idea versus the reality of the situation weighs heavy on my heart.  It was a difficult decision, but after several weeks of steroids, multiple vet check-ups, and a regiment of 5 pills a day with no improvement, loss of appetite, and worsening of her condition, we recognized her suffering and pain was only growing, as well as the significant decline in her quality of life.  Needless to say, it's been an emotional day.

I know many out there are not cat people.  Cats often get the bad rap, labeled reclusive, anti-social, and standoffish, but these characteristics Jenga was not.  She was always frisky, vocal, and affectionate until her final few weeks; evidenced by her meowing conversations with me the minute I'd walk in the front door, her high-volume motorboat purr, and unwavering enthusiasm to leap onto our laps every evening where she'd recline, stretch out lazily, and fall asleep.  We'll miss so many things; her playful tendency to swat at doorstops and fascination with the metallic "boing" that followed, her ability to spear and devour a stray fly in 10 seconds flat, and the pacing-in-the-window-while-crooning routine she'd display for neighborhood orange tabby we affectionately named "boyfriend."  The list goes on...

Jenga was a part of our family, and her absence is devastating, especially since we thought she'd be there to greet us when we bring our baby home from the hospital.  The hardest part to reconcile is understanding why this happened to her, she was such a young, lively cat until a month ago, and only 5 years old at that.

A request to you pet owners and lovers out there, cuddle your pet a little tighter tonight.  You never know how much longer you'll have with them.  I picture her in heaven, lounging contentedly in a window sill somewhere, happily meowing at the passing squirrels and birds.
We love you Jeng, and miss you so much already.
Rest in peace. xoxo.
{one of my favorite pictures of hers, sleeping with both paws curled up underneath her chin}

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