Pie on the Grill

Have you ever eaten pie grilled on the BBQ?
Next question - did you even know that you could grill a pie on the BBQ?

An acquaintance of mine posted on facebook yesterday, "Delicious apple pie straight from the BBQ, yum!" or something to that accord.  I read that and thought...WHAT?!?!  Consider my mind blown!  So, naturally, I did some research and yes indeed, it's possible!  I found a few recipes vouching for variations of "grilled pie," using the BBQ to bake instead of a conventional oven, as well as some helpful how-to of some grilling tips to ensure the dessert turns out as it should. I'm so interested in this technique, and wonder if grilled pie tastes different from baked?  Somehow I think the smoky barbecuey flavor might really jazz up a fruity pie.  Personally, I'd love to try apple or peach.

What do you think?  Have you ever tried this before?  If so, please share your insider information!

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