Week 32

{32 weeks at Chateau St. Jean, Sonoma, California}

Baby Size: honeydew
Maternity Clothes: maternity tops/shorts, regular dresses & maxi dresses
Food Cravings: sugary sweets (doughnuts - specifically Top Pot apple fritters, sugar cookies, ice cream, Caffeine free coke)
Food Aversions: pho, chicken
Symptoms: back aches, especially first thing in the AM
Sleep: getting a bit more uncomfortable by morning, waking up 1-2 times per night
Movement: Feeling lots of movement, movements are getting more intense, you can see limbs moving around through my stomach!  
Belly Button: popped out 
Gender: GIRL!!!
Best Moment of the Week: Sonoma Bachelorette Weekend with my girlfriends
What I'm Looking Forward To: our upcoming baby shower, finishing the baby's room
What I Miss: running/high impact sports
Wedding Rings: on
Currently Reading: Happiest Baby on the Block
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