These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Pregnancy Edition

Meet the Snoogle, the body pillow of body pillows, this little pillow has become my best friend while pregnant.  Many of you might know that it's recommended that pregnant women stop sleeping on their back at 20 weeks, if not before, because of the additional weight on your spine and primary arteries.  And, since at that point, you can't sleep on your stomach, the option that remains is side sleeping. Now, I've always been a side sleeper, but sleeping on my side while pregnant is a different story.  In addition to backaches, I have often woken up with achy hit joints. Also, despite my best intentions to sleep on my side throughout the night, unless you surround yourself with a border of pillows, it's difficult to ensure that you stay on your side for the duration of a sleep.  

This is where the Snoogle comes in.  I admit, I was very skeptical, even despite rave reviews from friends.  Most because, I've never slept with a body pillow before, nor ever saw the need.  The snoogle is curved to be shaped like a "C" so it wraps underneath your head, and between your legs, and can tuck right underneath your growing bump.  When curled around you, it's quite secure and comfortable!  In my opinion, the best part of this pillow is that it curves, essentially hugging your body to provide consistent back support. You can lean  against it without any fear of rolling onto your back.  It's AMAZING!
My husband even likes it (much to my surprise).  Though it's not exactly romance-inducing being wrapped in a giant pillow all night long, he's borrowed it for a weekend nap or two, and proclaimed it's greatness, commenting that "it's like being spooned all night long."  

Insider tip: I originally purchased just the Snoogle pillow (sans cover), but realized that like an ordinary pillow, there's definitely potential for it to easily get dirty (eye make-up, etc.).  I ended up buying a cover separately.  If you're considering purchasing, I'd recommend buying the  pillow + cover together to save yourself some money.  

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