Restaurants #13 and #14 - Carmelita & The Yard

This time I managed to tackle two birds with one stone, a.k.a. two restaurants in one night. First, for girls dinner, my friends and I headed to Carmelita, a vegetarian restaurant in chill Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. We picked this destination, partly because we were feeling like we craving a lighter, healthier meal, and partly its location. Carmelita is located on Greenwood Ave. a street peppered with a casual bar/pub scene, equating to walkable fun for us! Dinner was good, but nothing had that standout *wow* factor. Funnily enough, all 6 of us ordered entrees that were all green in color - very fitting for a veg restaurant.

However, the highlight of the evening was our jaunt down the hill to The Yard, a casual outdoor cafe with quality Mexican food and a stellar beer and cider selection. We nabbed the "nook" table, which was perfect for gossiping and girl time.

Restaurant Recap. 14 Down, 11 to Go!
#14 - The Yard
#13 - Carmelita
#12 - Ravish
#11 - Luc
#4 - Po Dog
#2 - Nishino
#1 - June

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