Summer Reading

Here are a few books I enjoyed reading this summer. Usually I devour a whole carton of books during my summer down time, but this year, between teaching summer school and wedding planning, my reading time has been cut a little short. However, I did manage to finish these few...
Two Kisses for Maddy - a memoir written by a widower whose wife dies shortly after giving birth to their baby daughter. This is definitely a tear jearker, but an honest, heartfelt memoir about loss and love. Note to reader: keep kleenex close by.

The Paris Wife - written from the perspective of Ernest Hemingway's first wife, who stood beside him as his non existent career took off, and their adventures th
rough Paris and beyond.
The Middle Place - a memoir about a young mom's battle with breast cancer; it's a story about learning to be a parent and daughter in the midst of the challenges that can face a family.

As I'm making this list I'm realizing a few of these books sound sad, but they were all very well written and captivating to read. And now I'm onto a new book for my book club, One Day, a journey of two people's love story for 1 day every year over the course of 27 years.
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