Happy Pączki Day

Yes, you read that right, Happy Pączki Day...well belated because technically I was flying home from Mexico on Fat Tuesday, which is also known as Pączki day in Polish culture. Despite all the consonants in the name, pączki {prounounced poonch-kee} is a customary Polish sweet treat and indulgence before Lent.

What exactly is a pączki, you ask? Well, technically it's a deep-fried piece of dough flattened and filled with a sweet filling and usually topped with powdered sugar, icing, or dried orange zest. My 100% Polish, mid-western sweetie grew up celebrating this day, so I thought I'd post about it for him. Unfortunately there aren't as many Polish bakeries out in Seattle as there are in Michigan it turns out, so we've discovered pączkis are hard to come by... If anything, food for thought, happy pączki day!

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