2012 Year in Review

It seems the older I get, the faster the years fly by.  Cliche, perhaps, but certainly true.  I turn 30 this month.  3-0...yikes!  I keep thinking, have I accomplished everything I wanted to do in my twenties?  Ultimately, ruminating on the past goals, finished or unfinished doesn't seem to help anyone, so here's to looking ahead!  

My 2012 goals, here's how I did...

+ Drink more water
YES!  I can easily say I did this, I even uploaded a "drink more water app" on my phone for a brief time period (seriously).

+ Travel somewhere new
* Montana in February
* Ireland in June
*Kauai in December 

+ Do a better job at separating work and home
*Not sure if I will ever be able to do this completely, but I think I'm doing better...

+ Continue to try new recipes and bake consistently

+ Try and eat more locally, organically, and sustainably
* A work in progress, but in addition to eating better, I've made a conscious effort to use products without parabens, also a good step in the right direction

+ Only buy clothing I love and enjoy wearing (not simply because it's on sale)
*Yes, my wallet is very thankful for this :)

+ Try and do some of the projects I've pinned on pinterest
* DIY projects, not so much...
*Recipes, YES!  

+ Make soup on Sundays
* A few times; here's a few examples

+ Spend as much time as possible with family and friends
* Always trying to do more of this

I think overall I did pretty well!  Stay tuned for 2013 goals...

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