Itadakimasu (Translation: Let's Eat)

I'm on a foreign pizza kick it seems. I recently saw this - okonomiyaki - affectionately referred to as Japanese pizza or Japanese pancakes on Anthony Bourdain: Tokyo. Essentially it's a concotion of shredded vegetables, cabbage, bacon, egg, and a worcestershire flavored sauce to top it off, (appropriately called okonomiyaki sauce). According to Anthony, this is a popular street food you must try in Japan!

If I haven't blogged about this already, Japan is absolutely a must-see on on my travel to-do list. I have yet to go, but am dying to because I took Japanese for 8 years in school. Fab blogger Miss Jane and I even sat next to each other in HS Japanese class, which included a daily event of listening to Okada Sensei sing some interesting Japanese songs.

I'm very curious to see if I could still get by in Japan armed with my (now) rusty conversation skills. In an effort to jumpstart my saving habits for a trip to Japan, I'm going to try out this dish. I'll report back with details!

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