Fancy a Flammkuchen?

I'm sure you're reading this going...Flam-what?? Flammkuchen, translation "flame cooked," is the German approach to pizza.

My boyfriend studied abroad in Germany in college and became enamored with this dish, essentially pizza dough with a crème fraîche base in lieu of tomato sauce, traditionally topped with garlic, caramelized onions, and bacon. Talk about delicious, right?

Since he recently moved into his own house, we decided flammkuchen would be the first meal we'd make together in his new house. We used this recipe found online, and the results were SUPERB! We devoured the thing in like 1o minutes. In addition, with yeast-less dough, the prep time wasn't too long. Now we're on a flammkuchen kick and planning our next baking endeavor, toying with the idea of mixing up the toppings! Essen wir! (Let's eat).

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