Power Outage

I woke up this morning thinking, "Gosh it's cold today!" And then I went to switch on the light and whoops, no light. Translation = power outage. The winds have been rampant here in Western Washington, evergreen boughs are blowing all over the place, literally!

Luckily I have candles everywhere - which my fiance usually grumbles about but was quite thankful for today. (I made sure to remind him of this, btw). That combined with the iphone flashlight app had me back in business to maneuver around the house as I got ready for work.

Thankfully, our water heater is wonderfully large, and the water was still hot enough to take a shower. However, trying to style bangs without a hair dryer - well, that's another story. Needless to say I used bobby pins in abundance, which was semi-successful, at best. This prompted some interesting comments from my students including "You look SO different, I thought you were a sub!" from several of my style-savvy girls. Dang it!

Well turns out a tree fell on some power lines a few blocks away and thankfully power and heat are back on tonight (phew). And now I'm warm once again, curled up with my cat Jenga wearing cozy socks and basking in the warm glow of my Christmas tree. (insert contented sigh).


samantha. said...

that's so funny you should mention your power loss. today my boss told me that you should always keep a small votive candle and matches in your car in case of a snow emergency. he says it will warm the entire car up if you are ever stuck in a snow drift!!


Holls said...

Bummer that you lost power! The wind was so loud and definitely kept me up last night - Seattle has been getting some strange weather as of late!

Leslie said...

It's kind of scary to loose power when it is so cold outside; I'm glad that it didn't create too many problems. It's really amazing what students notice!