New Traditions

Christmas is all about celebrating family traditions, and I embraced a new tradition of my fiance's this year and surprised him by making pierogis as part of our Christmas dinner feast! Being his first Christmas away from his Michigan roots where his large Polish family resides, I felt it was important to keep up at least a few of his usual comforts of home. At his family Christmases, it's a tradition to serve Polish foods such as pierogis, kapusta, and kielbasa.

And just in case you're not familiar, a pierogi is a traditional meatless Polish dumpling of sorts. You can fill it with sweet or savory filling, in this case I used Martha Stewart's recipe for potato pierogis and cabbage pierogis. They are quite time consuming, but well worth the efforts as my fiance was extremely surprised and excited at their appearance at our Christmas dinner table. Thanks Martha!
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