Ornament Exchange

Last night was my college friends' 6th annual ornament exchange. It's always comforting to celebrate a repeated tradition, and this is something we've been doing every holiday season since we graduated. It's the perfect excuse to carve out some time in this busy Christmas season to celebrate and spend time together.

In case you're not familiar with an ornament exchange - here's the low down. Everyone selects and cleverly wraps an ornament. Next, the hostess number paper 1-however many people you have playing (10 in our case), and throws them in a hat. Participants draw numbers to see who goes first. Every good gift exchange involves a few "steals," just to keep people on their toes, and it definitely keeps things interesting. Since we had 10 people, our rule was you can steal twice instead of three times. I pulled #1 out of the hat - the best number because you get to pick first and LAST, which essentially means you get the pick of all the opened ornaments. Sweet!

We drank sparkling cider and white wine and nibbled on holiday goodies including homemade peppermint bark... yum! Don't you just love the holidays!

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