Weekend in Review

My apologies for the blog-less weekend. My bf and I flew out late Thursday night to Indianapolis, and our schedules were crammed up until our departure.

The reason for our trip, you ask? My bf's best friend from college tied the knot! The wedding was held in Lafayette, Indiana - just across the river from the University, and as a +1 of the bridal party, I got to partake in all the festivities. It was a beautiful wedding with lots of vintage flair, and was even officiated by the mayor of Lafayette! The evening continued with a whimsical photo booth, lots of dancing, and silliness...all in all a great time!


the chirpy bird said...

fabulous! Gotta love a wedding complete with the local mayor! Just perfect! Glad you had a wonderful time
xox tash

Vivian said...

oh, Indiana! I used to live there when I was an exchange student in High School!

It's a beautiful little place, hope you had fun!

ps- I went to Osaka with one of the Mikes last weekend and thought of you!! Great, great memories!

Anna Walker said...

Awesome!!! How exciting, weddings are always fun! I am glad that you had a great weekend :)


Diana Mieczan said...

That sounds wonderful:) I bet you had a great time:)