Silly Bandz

Have you seen these? They are called Silly Bandz. Since the beginning of the school year, sporting these brightly colored rubber band bracelets is the new fad in elementary school. Students try and collect as many different shapes and colors as possible until their wrists resemble rubber band rainbows. And not only that, recess provides the eagerly awaited opportunity for students to "trade," exchanging conversation over swapped bands.

Distracting much? As a teacher, let me tell you, I have confiscated many of these bands, simply because they are a constant distraction to some students during class. While these Silly Bandz haven't been banned yet in my school, there are others who are laying down the law.

On the flip side, as a kid who grew up in the snap bracelet era - I can appreciate why students want to keep them around. Just curious, what is your take on Silly Bandz?

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