Snapshots of Osaka

As I've slowly been blogging snapshots of my trip to Japan, I realized I have yet to write about my first blog-friend meet-up! After announcing I was going to Japan early this year, Vivian of Lost in Translation suggested we meet up, and I thought it to be a grand idea. After some emailing and facebooking... we organized to meet up for a night out in Japan's nightlife capital - Osaka!

Vivian is the first blog friend that I've ever met face-to-face. And we had a fabulous time! I kind of liken meeting and making blog friends to to online dating, (except the goal is friendship of course) :) After months/years of reading each others blogs, leaving comments, you kind of get an idea of the blogger's personality. Well Vivian and I got along wonderfully, as I'd anticipated. Here's a few pics from our night out on the town in Osaka!
P.S. Can you tell we both enjoy throwing around the peace sign?

Question for you all: Have you ever met up with a blogging friend or acquaintance? How did it go?
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