Pregnancy cravings are a funny thing.  I always grew up reading the cliches about women craving pickles with ice cream.  From my own family tree, I heard craving stories growing up.  My mom craved chocolate and Thai food with me (both foods I now adore), spicy Korean food with my sister (who consequently can't tolerate any spice).

I wasn't sure how my cravings would factor into this pregnancy gig, but they've been interesting to say the least.  Top cravings:

* Apples: for the first few weeks, I couldn't get enough apples.  I'd buy armfuls at the market and devour the entire supply by the end of day.  

+ Baguettes with Cold Butter: bread always sounds good when you're feeling nauseous, but I ate many a baguette with butter for dinner these past few weeks.  Channeling my inner-Francophile perhaps?

* Grapefruit: I've always enjoyed grapefruit, but never to this extent.  You know you are craving grapefruit, when you have to buy an extra bag of sugar to sustain your sprinkled-sugar-on-grapefruit morning ritual.  Or, felt a strong enough inkling to make a grapefruit poundcake...

+ Rootbeer: I don't drink soda, with the rare exception of an oversized soda at the movies, but lately root beer sounds amazing!  Barq's, A&W, even the good local Northwest variety, Crater Lake Rootbeer, the bubblier the better.  I think it all started with a lunch out at Taco Time with my first grade team, but whatever the reason, this craving has stuck around since the early weeks.

I've had other cravings here and there, but these have been the big 4.  In addition, I've also had plenty of food aversions as well; the smell of chicken cooking, really meat of any kind, pho, all of these foods that normally I enjoy have just held the "ick" factor.  Also, for the first trimester, I craved everything salty, rarely any sweets like cookies or candy.  Cravings are a funny business.

What did you crave during your pregnancy?


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