No Coincidence, No Story

Are you a podcast listener?  We recently upgraded to a "baby car," and my most favorite feature is the handsfree bluetooth audio, which enables me to listen to playlists and podcasts handsfree at my leisure.   One podcast I particularly enjoy is, This American Life.  If you've never tuned in, it's an everyday life kind of 'cast, featuring human interest stories, including a range of broad topics.

One of the recent topics was all about coincidences, aptly titled, "No Coincidence, No Story."  In general, I tend to enjoy TAL's more "random" podcasts, and this one definitely piqued my interest.  Every story of the podcast is somehow related to coincidences that listeners experienced and called in to report.  These coincidences range from small seemingly insignificant things like seeing a stranger at a doctor's office and then running into them at the market minutes later...all the way to larger, life-altering, often unforeseen coincidences were the stars seemingly align, coincidentally.

It was one of the better podcasts I've heard in a while, so I thought I'd share.  If you're in the need of some casual entertainment while commuting, or have an extra 45 minutes to spare, I'd recommend it.

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