Spain: On the Road Again

To curb my travel nostalgia and inspired me to save for my international endeavor, I've been watching Spain: On the Road Again, featuring Mario Batali & Gwyneth Paltrow. These two famous faces teamed up with food critic Mark Bittman and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols for a culinary road trip through the best of Spain.

I am so envious of their adventures; drinking wine and touring the vineyards of Rioja, spa treatments in luxurious hotels, sailing the Galician coast, but what fun to watch! If this sounds right up your alley, I was able to check out the DVD from my local library, but there is also an accompanying book archiving their travels and the recipes made and enjoyed along the way.

From a critic's standpoint, truth be told their travels can get a bit boring at times. Especially since it's very casual and mostly a film crew capturing their random conversations amid traveling escapades. And personally, I thought Gwyneth and Mario were much more entertaining and interesting than their travel companions (I actually fast-forwarded a lot of the parts featuring just the other two) but either way, it's worth a glimpse as you get some gorgeous images and travel insights! Especially if you have Spain in your near future like some of my good friends!

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