Beach Day

Weekend recap: Saturday was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood. Up until Saturday, the weather here in Seattle had been ho hum. It's been mostly overcast and a bit chilly, which normally isn't so bad... except when it's supposed to be SUMMER, and we know sunshine does bring lifted spirits!

But Saturday was AMAZING! It was 75-80 degrees, endless blue sky, and uninterrupted sunshine. Utter and total gloriousness! Since the weather was so generous, we decided to make the best of it. 10 friends, fiance, and I headed to the beach where we indulged in a lazy afternoon of magazine reading, cocktail sipping, cornhole playing, and just plain bathing in the sun. It was perfection!

After the sun started to lower in the sky, and the persnickety barbecue didn't want to stay lit due to the increasing wind, we decided to move our beach camp to our house since. It proved to be the perfect destination as we have a functioning grill and live just a short distance from the beach. Fiance and I headed home first in a vain attempt to "clean" house before everyone descended; bring all sorts of grilled goodness; roasted peppers, portabella mushrooms, lamb burgers, corn on the cob, all in all we had ourselves a little grill feast and had a time!

image/Katie Neal Photo / Stylists and Design: Sweet Emilia Jane & Sitting in a Tree
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