Green Fruit Salad

Have you fruit salad before using only one color? No? Me neither... But I like the idea! While flipping through this month's Living magazine, I saw her recipe for a green fruit salad. Literally green, as in green fruit only! No pop of pink or blue, simply a concoction of green fruits - genius!

Usually when I make fruit salad, I toss in whatever fruit I have on hand; typically apples, bananas, a seasonal berry and it always tastes good, but I'm enjoying this monochromatic green-only salad, what great way to mix it up.

For this particular salad, just brainstorm your fave green fruits; green apple, green grapes, honeydew, kiwi, a dash of honey and lemon thyme. And, if you're feeling extra ambitious, toss in mint, pistachios, and avocado for an extra burst of green.

image 1/rosetaffy
image 2/kathypatalsky
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