Ode to Oatmeal

I despised oatmeal as a kid. As I try and grapple for memories of oatmeal at breakfast time, the words "ew," "gross," and "ick" come to mind. I wouldn't think about touching it with a 10-foot pole, let alone a spoon. I don't even think it was a routine ingredient in our household, since we three girls could barely tolerate soggy cereal, let alone mushy oats.

But somewhere in my adulthood, I've developed a fondness for oatmeal. Probably much due to the fact that it is one of the few breakfast items that keeps me satiated until lunch time. But ever since I've become a blogger, I've expanded my once narrow breakfast viewpoints via blog browsing to learn that, hey, maybe oatmeal isn't so bad after all... I've even learned many-a-way to spice up oatmeal, so it's anything but ordinary, boring, and plain.

First of all - it's the oats. Steel cut are my fave. They hold up their consistency during cooking, thus produce a chewier finished product that doesn't mimic the mush I once loathed. Upon preparation, the next essential step is toppings. I have discovered that toppings are crucial to making great oatmeal. First off, honey. No matter what combo you add, you need honey. After the honey has been drizzled in, here are a few of my fave combinations:
  • include; fresh strawberries + chocolate chips
  • coconut chips, chia seeds, and sliced banana
  • coconut chips, dried figs, and sneaky cinnamon peanut butter.
And of course, there's an entirely other variation I often turn to is overnight oats, jazzed up by a few select toppings and a splash of almond milk.

I can't take the credit for my recent "ode to oatmeal," I attribute it to many of the blogs I read that regularly post recipes for healthy eating. These reads are inspiring and have encouraged me to branch out beyond my boring old routine of cold cereal, in particular Kath Eats Real Food. If you haven't, go check her out, her meals pack a punch of healthy creativity.

If you dare, join me on the ode to oatmeal bandwagon!

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