Sorry I've been a little M.I.A. This has been an emotional week. Our staff just received news that a co-workers cancer returned, in a different, more aggressive form. She's beginning this grueling battle for the second time around. I am hoping and praying and channeling all of my positive energy to her right now.

On top of that, staffing is up in the air again for next year. Schools are burgeoning and shrinking simultaneously, which means others people are displaced or finding themselves without jobs according to their type of contract contract. Two of my teammates and friends are right now dealing with this "unknown" everyday, a place that was so familiar to me just a year ago. It's never fun, especially when you grow to develop such a love for a community and the kids, teachers, and parents within it.

Since my fiance has been traveling a lot for work, I'm often alone, with too much time to think about all of these things. I have been trying to focus on the positives, and limit my complaining. Who cares if I'm tired? I am healthy, I have a job, and I have a loving fiance I am marrying in 5 months! All of these realities are putting a lot of things in perspective for me, and making me truly appreciate all of the great, little things in this amazing life.

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