Oil Pulling

Have you ever heard of oil pulling?  I hadn't until recently, though I'm sure like me, you've heard people rave about the wondrous qualities of coconut oil whose many health benefits extend far beyond the world of cooking.  Oil pulling seems to be the next big thing that this bountiful oil can assist with.

Okay - here's how it works. Oil pulling consists of taking a small spoonful of oil (recommended oils include coconut, sunflower, or sesame) and swishing it around ones mouth for 15-20 minutes a day, similar to how you would use mouthwash.  The practice of oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice to detoxify the teeth. The oil pulls bacteria and toxins from the teeth, which are naturally porous. Countless sources have sung the benefits of this ancient practice which is gaining popularity in the US; citing fresher breath, whiter teeth, decreased tooth sensitivity, overall improved oral health, and even clearer skin!  At the end of each daily oil pull, it is recommended you discard the oil (to avoid drain clogs). 

I was a little skeptical, and of course it is something they recommend in addition to your regular dental maintenance with your dentist.  I've tried it a handful of times, and it isn't my favorite thing (honestly it kind of feels like swishing just your spit around for 15 minutes), but afterward, my breath does feel fresher with a  hint of coconut, and my teeth are smoother and plaque free.  

I'm going to attempt to do this daily for a month, and then I'll report back. If you're still on the fence, here's some literature and testimonials from other sources and bloggers: Huffington PostDesign Mom, Authority Nutrition, Wellness MamaTrina Holden, among others.  

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