Ikea Hack

Have you heard of an "Ikea Hack?"  This is the new jargon used to describe a piece of Ikea furniture that has been transformed after a little DIY magic (first spotted with this amazing transformation - lounge chair turned baby rocker).  I've always a fan of Ikea, thought admittedly I don't love the everybody-owns-the-same-stuff recognizable quality that some Ikea furniture has.  You know what I mean…when you survey a room and can immediately identify furniture pieces as "Ikea!"  However this website, Ikea Hackers seems like just the ticket - DIY twists on Ikea favorites, but at an affordable price tag.  All you need is a little elbow grease!
{loving this lego table}

Some other favorites: new cabinetry, an updated dresser, nesting table turned ottoman, and driftwood mirror.

via the soho
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