Dinner Last Night: Dinner Strata

I've decided to escape my spaghetti rut and get back to meal planning.  My husband has been traveling for work, leaving me to play single mom for many weeknights this past month.  I admit, in spite of all my efforts, I did fall into a spaghetti + red sauce, frozen pizza, and pancake of a dinner vortex which I am finally emerging from in need of healthier food, and even better, variety.

A quick scour of the Food Network this weekend merited some promising recipes, even a few from the FN host everyone loves to hate - Rachael Ray.  I've never been a huge Rachael Ray fan.  It bugs me how she refers to olive oil as "EVOO" (i.e. extra virgin olive oil).  Really, does it take THAT long to say that phrase?  (Sigh).  Ultimately, I'm not her biggest fan. I would rather watch Giada, Ina, or even Ree chop, sauté, and flambé any day.  However...the girl does know how to put together an easy weeknight meal - hence my attempt at Dinner Strata.  Always a fan of a breakfast casserole, this strata is essentially a casserole through a dinner lens.  Works for me!

What's your favorite weeknight dinner recipe? I'd love to add to my inventory!


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