Good Things

1. Finishing my pro cert (for all you non-teachers out there, you have to get re-certified every couple of years to be a's this long, arduous process with a 3 Entry portfolio, yadda yadda, anyway it's submitted.  woohoo!)

2. Seeing the warm glow of pink light illuminate our baby's room.  I just bought this pretty pink lampshade for our touch lamp this weekend, now resting on the baby's dresser/changing table.  It casts a glow of soft warm light across the room, it makes me smile as I can just imagine her little body wriggling on the changing pad underneath.

3. Croissants on the weekend (and weekdays if especially desired now that school's out).  One of my favorite weekend rituals at our cozy little neighborhood bakery.

4. My sweet cat Jenga cuddling up on my husband's lap last night - the first time she's remotely acted like her old self in weeks.  Hoping and praying this most recent blast of antibiotics and immunosuppressants works this time around.

5. Being able to hear our baby's heartbeat more often (since Week 29, we now we go every 2 weeks instead of every month). The whoosh, whoosh, whoosh just never gets old.

6. These banana crumb muffins I made last weekend. I wholeheartedly meant to do a blog post about them, but literally ate almost all of them before I could snap a photo...for real.

7. Looking ahead to next weekend, for fun in the sun in Sonoma with my girlfriends for my bestie's bachelorette party.  As the pregnant matron of honor, I'm volunteering my services as "designated driver" solely for the bachelorette's benefit :)

8. Lucking out finding Rainier cherries for the meager price of $2.99 a pound at my local Asian market!!  This may seem pricy to some, but considering these sweet gems are usually priced upwards of $6 a pound, I thought this was quite the steal!

9. Finding myself inspired by Jora and contemplating hosting a "pantry party" like this to encourage post-baby visiting with friends.

10. A new ritual of reading to our baby in bed. We started this last night, my husband picked out two books we received as gifts and we took turns reading aloud to her.  Last night's reads: My First Book of Sushi and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  After the caterpillar gorges himself on junk and then feels relief after eating a leaf, my husband quipped, "Moral of the story is eat organic," a comment that made me laugh out loud, perfect for a guy who thinks North-westerners take their organic foods a little too seriously.  But yes, I'd say that moral is true.  

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