Cookbook Crush

It's All Good finally came up on my queue at the library, and let me tell you, this is a good cookbook!  Even in this day and age where recipes are perpetually available via the internet, there's just something about reading a recipe out of a cookbook that I prefer.  Call me old fashioned, I guess.

Gwyneth's cookbook focuses on returning to whole foods, eliminating processed foods, and creating a diet that is clean, healthy, and packed with proteins and leafy greens.  Basically, every page looks utterly healthy yet simultaneously delicious!  

While I enjoy homecooking, and enjoy trying out new recipes, but unless I have a specific recipe to follow point by point, I don't have a lot of memorized staples in my repertoire.  Particularly in regards to vegetables, which I typically prefer anyway as an entree to chicken or beef.  That's where I think this cookbook prevails; with recipes that seem easy enough to make, eventually memorize, and master without the need of skimming a cookbook page at every turn.  

A few recipes I've got my eye on...
+ grilled asparagus + portobellos with shallots + soy dressing
+ broccoli rabe with garlic + red chili
+ simple beet salad
+ carrots with black sesame + ginger
+ charred corn with chimichurri
+ roasted cauliflower + chickpeas with mustard + parsley



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I got this from the library too! I made her siracha salmon with the Vietnamese salad - it was really good! But I did NOT make my own siracha, I just used the stuff from the store.

Diana Mieczan said...

I totally know what you mean about reading recipes out of cookbooks...It's so great and I totally need this one. Sounds perfect! Have a great day. xoxo

Leslie said...

I want to check this out. I'm in such a food rut, and this looks like the perfect solution!

Sarah Alway said...

I'm not much of a cool but this one sounds like something I might actually use! And of course I love Gwyneth. :-)

Sarah @ Life As Always

Lea said...

YUM! I want this. I am always trying to be healthy and if I can look like Gwyneth I'm all for it!

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