Synchronized Diving

So you already know I am an Olympics enthusiast (to say the least), but seriously, can we talk about synchronized diving...  WHOA! AMAZING!  Did you watch it?  It is just crazy how synchronized these divers are, down to the last spin, turn, tuck, name it!  I mean, diving off a diving board, somersaulting 4-5 times in the air before seamlessly breaking the water is hard enough, but doing it in sync with another person, phenomenal!  I can barely manage an ordinary dive off the low board...

I saw a friend comment on facebook, something to the likes of "I wish the commentators would explain how these athlete got into synchronized diving!"  AGREED!  I just simply can't imagine my parents suggesting, "Okay kids, after soccer practice, we're heading to the diving boards, ready to hit the water?!"  

This event was fascinating to watch, and I was especially impressed with the Mexican team (who earned silver), their form was literally breathtaking!

Did you watch?

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