Olympic Memories

Happy Olympics everyone.  The summer Olympics may be one of my FAVORITE things ever, specifically track & field, swimming, diving, and of course, every girl's favorite event...gymnastics!  

I have vivid memories of watching Olympic gymnastics, perhaps since I have am fascinated by the sport and the physical strength and flexibility of these athletes!  I fondly remember the pizazz of the "Dominique duo" from the '96 Olympic team (Dawes and Monceanu).  And you can't forget Kerri Strug's amazing clincher of a vault, with the dramatic limp to the gold medal platform.  Seriously, we can always count on the Americans to pull off a show-stopping finale!  

I also remember watching the gymnastics overall competition from the '04 Athens games with my sorority sisters in their room at a UW fraternity, where they were living for the summer.  We were decked out in our party attire, as it was about 10 pm, ready to go out, but unable to peel ourselves away from the live gymnastics coverage.  I have this visual of us sitting huddled around a smallish TV, nursing strong vodka-somethings, while cheering on our girl, Carly Patterson to the victory.  I remember leaping up, cheering, and hugging one another other excitedly as Carly was crowned the individual all-around champion, narrowly beating our Svetlana Khorkina.  

There's just something about the Olympics that brings out that national pride in me, and I'm sure in others too.  So I ask: Do you have any memorable memories from Olympics past?  
Are you planning on watching the Olympics?  What is your favorite summer Olympic event? 


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